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    From a Survey of Parents:
  • I'm more engaged and better informed thanks to School Loop.
  • Having information readily available regarding the curriculum of my child serves as an indispensable tool that enables me to see her areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • It's been wonderful to "check in" without feeling like a watchdog over their grades.
  • The skills taught through School Loop are valuable and will carry on into the workforce.


“Are we there yet? Be in the loop with DJUSD’s newest tool” – Davis Enterprise

By Tanya Perez “We are excited to announce a new system called School Loop that will enhance communication between parents, students and school staff,” said an email that went home to Davis parents. My guess is a lot of the email recipients thought, “Oh brother, here we go again.” But this newest tool really is […]

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Parents may hurt when they help, but can they help when they hurt?

A recent editorial in the New York Times, concluding that parent involvement is overrated, reports that when parents help with homework, performance often worsens. Maybe that’s because the instructional strategy of most parents is “help louder.” The story goes on to debunk most of the shibboleths of parental involvement.  The few things that actually work […]

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