Customer Map for School Loop

School Loop launched in 2004 in Capuchino High School in Milbrae, CA. Today, School Loop serves over 4,000 schools in 30 states.

School Loop customers include San Francisco Unified School District (CA), Long Beach Unified School District (CA), Kansas City Public Schools (KS), and Bossier Parish School District (LA), Albuquerque Public Schools (NM). In California, School Loop serves nearly 25% of the school districts, including five of the ten largest: Los Angeles Unified, Long Beach Unified, Elk Grove Unified, San Francisco Unified and Capistrano Unified. School Loop is also one of the most widely used Learning Management Systems by public schools located in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area.

“School Loop has been transformative in SFUSD’s secondary schools. In less than one year, 70% of these teachers are using School Loop regularly to post assignments, track grades, and create websites. San Francisco is characterized by a very diverse student and parent population; through an integrated auto dialer and parent emails, our SFUSD families are more connected than ever to the classroom. We are very pleased with our partnership with School Loop.”
-Brianne Meyer
 , Chief Technology Officer, San Francisco Unified School District

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