Learning Management System

School Loop integrates instruction, communication, and intervention tools into one simple system so students and their parents know where they stand, what to do, and how to do well.



Curriculum Groups Align instructional practices district-wide.
Resource Management Link courses to centrally managed resource folders.
Digital Classrooms Classrooms include calendars, lockers, curriculum and bulletin boards.
Student Dashboards Students stay organized and on task.
Gradebook Robust, fully featured, and integrated with other systems.
Mobile App School Loop on the go, 24×7.
Personal Email Newsletter  Homework assignments, grades, and news delivered fresh to your inbox.
Multi-lingual calling Speak Tongan? You’re in the loop.
LoopMail Safe, secure, in-network real-name messaging.
Websites Clean, modern and easy to use.
508 Compliance Accessibility for all users.
Learning Management Team All the adults in each student’s life connected and informed.
Student Tracker Custom students lists including latest performance results and baked-in analysis and communication tools.
Student Record 360 degree view of a each student, their homework, grades and more.
Afterschool Professional  Caseworkers, tutors, and afterschool program personnel are in the loop.
Google Integration with Classroom and Drive
Assessment Systems Integration with Illuminate, Measured Progress and your own tools.
OpenLoop API Import data into School Loop and export data to your other applications.  We play nice with others.


Complete List

Assignment Publishing

Attendance Publishing


Bulletin Board

Calendar systems

Content Management System

Course Organization


Curriculum Groups

Curriculum Management

Custom Data publishing tools

Digital Classrooms


District websites

Draft system

iPad app

Image Albums

Instructional Planning


Google Drive Integration

Google Docs submissions


Grade recovery

Gradebook versions


Lesson Planning



Mobile App

Multilingual Voice Messaging (over 30 languages)

News publishing

Individualized Portals (Student, Teacher, Parent)

Report generation

Progress reports

Resource sharing

Rights Management

School websites

Seating Charts

SIS Integration

Student Record

Student Tracker

Teacher Teams

Today’s Board

Task Management

Teacher websites

Translated interface (Spanish and Chinese)