Inspire Academy’s Refreshed Website Enhances Communication, Interaction and Community Engagement

Small School Loop Logo

October 12, 2015

Students, families, staff, school administration and all community stakeholders will find the crisply refreshed Inspire Academy website a more useful hub of information and communication than ever before.  The enhanced site helps visitors quickly and intuitively access the information, resources, and people they need. Visitors and community members are invited to explore the school’s Think Outside the Desk approach to learning, with student-created videos, a calendar with live links to event details, the latest video-based weekly newscast, daily reminders, contests, an invitation to connect on social media with School Leader Leslie Draper, and more.

Hosted and designed by the communication management system, School Loop, the Inspire Academy website acts as a virtual “town square” for the school community, aggregating news about topics such as grade-level learning expeditions, admissions, family information documents, student supply lists, volunteer opportunities, partners,  board members, meeting times, and school standing on the expeditionary learning report card.

“While still partly under construction, our refreshed website now gives all visitors a clearer picture of Inspire Academy and what we are doing to foster the spirit of curiosity, discovery and adventure in students,” says Draper. “We are committed to transparency within our school community, and our home website and individual teacher websites allow visitors to see, celebrate and participate in activities that promote the inquiry-based skills central to our approach to education.”

Draper and other educators at Inspire Academy recognize the power of social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in keeping stakeholders informed and promoting ongoing dialogue. They also understand that a website reflecting the school’s dedication to helping each student achieve more than they dream possible is as necessary to the school’s success as it is to any other ambitious and innovative 21st century enterprise.