Laguna Creek High School Refreshes Website to Enhance Engagement, Sense of Community

Small School Loop Logo

Parents, students, staff and visitors to Laguna Creek High School’s newly refreshed website are experiencing easier and more intuitive access to the information, resources and people they need. They can learn about clubs, activities, and academic options see upcoming events, access calendars, request transcripts, contact staff and view newsletters and messages from Principal Doug Craig.

“Our website is designed to welcome all families and visitors to our school, not just to provide information about news, events and what’s for lunch. The 21st century design, with colorful photos of students involved in all kinds of activities is really the face of our school and captures the energy and excitement of our staff and students. It also expresses our ongoing commitment to excellence, student learning and personal growth,” says Craig.

Hosted and designed by the communication management system, School Loop, the Laguna Creek High School website is a hub for the school community, aggregating news about topics such as Bring Your Parents/Guardians to Lunch Day, Speech and Debate gatherings, the upcoming Dinner Dance, and Parents Making a Difference meetings.

“We count on the participation and feedback of engaged parents to ensure we continue to offer the highest levels of support for every student,” says Craig. “Preparing our graduates for success in college and careers beyond means harnessing the technologies that provide opportunities for 24/7 learning, and our website does that by allowing easy access to critical tools and resources both at school and at home.”

Parents considering enrolling their children in LCHS, can easily drill down from the homepage to learn more about the International Baccalaureate program and the Green Energy Technology, Manufacturing Production Tech and Sports Career school-within-a-school academies open to all students. Also easily accessible to visitors is information on the after school program, student government, band, football, and the French and Drama clubs. With just a click, visitors who speak one of 100 select languages can also have the entire site translated for them by Google.

“LCHS is proud of its contributions to the Elk Grove Unified School District, Dyslexia Awareness Week, and its online presence remains a powerful tool for communication,” says Craig. “A website that reflects the school’s dedication to excellence, commitment, service and innovation is as crucial to our professional success as to any other digital-age enterprise.”