New Website for Livermore School District

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November 19th, 2015

Small School Loop LogoParents, students, educators and visitors to the Livermore School District site can now view updated student information, learn about individual schools, see upcoming events, access calendars, contact staff and find what you are looking for more easily than ever before with its new website. Welcoming visuals of students at work and play, a list of district news and announcements and current initiatives are just some of the features that now help new teachers, parents and the local community, get a quick read on what is happening within the district and inside school walls.

“The fresh redesign of the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District website is a cleaner look with improved functionality that we hope will better serve our community, parents, students, and staff,” says webmaster Lori Sanborn.

Hosted and designed by the communication management system, School Loop, the district website acts as a central information system, aggregating news and updates about academic achievements, school board activities, special services, sports events, technology, and more, by providing an avenue for stakeholders to easily get in touch with education professionals.

Parents considering enrolling their children in the district can view the New Student Enrollment page to learn more about registration, find out their school of residence, school locations, and connect easily to individual school websites. New organizational features also streamline access to a reporting system on school safety where parents, students and staff can submit tips on bullying, safety alerts, or conservation recommendations.

Schools play a central role in all communities, and as with other businesses and organizations, their online presence remains their most powerful tool for communication and public relations within that community. A website designed to reflect the superior quality of the district’s mission, goals, values, and everyday commitment to a well-rounded education is an important topic all community members can now access.