School Loop CEO on Edtech Digest’s 50 Fascinating Edupreneurs list

Recently, CEO of School Loop, Mark Gross was named as one of edtech digest‘s 50 Fascinating Edupreneurs noted for “becoming a teacher and letting everyone in on a great class project.”

edtech digest writes, “There’s something about an edupreneur (you know, an entrepreneur in the education sector). It’s one thing to have all that extraordinary drive, innovation and passion for creating a business—this moves our economy forward. But combine that with an area of existence so vital it’s nearly synonymous with changing lives—education—and now you’re talking real power. So, what kind of person does it take to deliver the goods? In no particular order, assembled here are 5o fascinating ‘edupreneurs’—people as passionate about their businesses as they are about their purpose in helping future generations thrive.”

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I received an e-mail from our school giving me my password and inviting me to begin poking around the program. 7 minutes later I had posted two assignments and was wearing a smile that it would take a surgeon to remove.

D. Brent Dyck, Teacher
Clovis Unified School District

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