Venice High School Enhances Communication and Engagement with Refreshed Website

Small School Loop LogoFor parents, students, staff and prospective attendees of Venice High School, a refreshed website now makes it easier to connect, communicate and participate in school activities. More than just a way to find out what’s for lunch, visitors can now learn about the school’s wide range of clubs, sports programs, academic options, volunteer opportunities and more. They can also keep updated on school news and events through following new principal Oryla Wiedoeft on Twitter.

“A top priority at Venice High is engaging our school community,” says Wiedoeft. “Our newly enhanced website helps us achieve this goal through streamlined communication, intuitive organization of information, and an overall more friendly and welcoming design.”

Hosted and designed by the communication management system, School Loop, the Venice High School website acts as a hub for the school community, with drop down menus that help all visitors quickly find what they’re looking for.  Students can access the college center, tutoring programs, AP course options, and drill down on the Sports Medicine, Media and Tech Arts, Earth Justice and other academies and academic magnet choices. Parents can learn how to get involved through the PTSA, Booster Club, Title I activities and volunteer options. Direct links to each teacher’s website help the community get to know and interact with staff.  A Google translation feature also ensures speakers of more than 100 languages can access the website content.

Wiedoeft also opted to provide her teachers with School Loop face-to-face training, saying, “Venice teachers are an exceptional group and I wanted each teacher to be able to showcase their accomplishments and the wonderful things they are doing with kids.” The result, she says, was that teachers left with nicely developed personal web pages and, more importantly, the tools they needed to build upon their learning.

Though Venice High School has worked with other website developers in the past, they settled on School Loop for its user-friendliness, especially when it comes to embedding the multimedia that makes their pages inviting and visually appealing.

“In the 21st century, a website is the primary calling card of any enterprise or institution and schools are no exception,” says Principal Wiedoeft. “We want our website to reflect the richness and diversity of our school community and the broad range of offerings we make available to prepare students for college and the digital workplace.”