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Transfer and Clean-up Services Details

Our conversion service package does the site launch heavy lifting, spiffing up your content, ensuring 508 compliance and consistent styling.

What we do

  • Add alt text to your images
  • Update old page styling, adding new features like colored backgrounds
  • Reimplement tables to be responsive and compliant
  • Rebuild old link lists using the link list module
  • Remake auto-redirect navigation links
  • Make sure currently hidden pages stay that way 
  • Keep our promises to you regarding special requests 
  • Provide a list of things we couldn’t fix or that couldn’t be converted
  • Provide a list of problem images (poor resolution, non-compliance due to text overlay, etc).

What we don’t do

  • Delete content
  • Transfer unpublished pages (unless we are asked to include in the project)
  • Fix images that are non-compliant because they include text, such as flyers
  • Remove or fix blurry images (who are we to judge?)
  • Create original content or add content
  • Fix syntax issues

Who does the work

Your project will be managed by a team of trained professionals, tested, and reviewed, before it is returned to you.  


It's easier to understand what we do and what we don't by looking at a real example.  Here's short movie about what it would mean to convert this homepage.