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Customizable Homepages Our themes let you package and deliver your content with elegance, and tailor homepages for your district and schools based on need, resources, and ability.
Responsive Design All our themes render perfectly on the desktop, the tablet, or the phone.  Tables too - like this one!  Narrow the browser and not that the columns in this table stack.
WYSIWYG Editing No surprises.  What you see is exactly what you get.
Modules Users can choose from a variety of modules including text, carousels, video, news and events, list of link or files, social media, custom html and many more.
Google Calendar Integration Link Google to our calendar module and get the power of Google packaged in a beautiful display.


Rights Management A cascading set of rights that allow users to administrate the district overall or a given site, manage a minisite, or be able to contribute to a minisite with the requirement that all pages/content requires approval prior to publishing.
Locked Homepages A powerful set of tools that allow district leadership to control exactly what can be edited on homepage.
Minisites A minisite is a site-within-a-site that allows webmasters to give control over sections to different users.  Minisites can require login, creating an easy-to-use Intranet.
Theme Management District leadership can decide which homepage templates are available to site webmasters.


User Management Combined with directory services integration, district and site leadership can control who has access to publishing tools by role.
Site Map An elegant model for managing navigation, the site map allows webmasters to add pages, navigation headers, minisites, links and hidden folders, and control their placement all from one tool.
Document Management A central locker system allows for easy document management, and the ability to replace expired documents without breaking links.
District Modules Beyond a district-wide header and footer the wraps around all sites, district leadership can claim any module on a homepage template and publish updates instantly to the module across the district.


WCAG 2.0 Compliance Accessibility for all users is assured given a system built from the ground-up for compliance, not retrofit on top of an existing system.  Our key development and support leadership have all been trained in compliance as well.
508 Certification  Our CMS is audited by WebAim, the leading university-based authority on compliance. 
508 HealthCheck Starting off compliant is one thing.  Staying compliant is another.
Site Colors  & Contrast Our templates offer a wide choice of color combinations while maintaining contrast requirements.